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Timothy  Cantwell

Timothy Cantwell

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Andrea Younkin

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Our Vision


    We at oldecopper.net offer a wide selection of products made of copper, and our experience and years of accumulated knowledge allow us to understand the needs of our customers. Besides having incredible thermal and electric conductivity, copper is a very durable but at the same time very malleable metal. What this means that it can easily take any shape that we want, and our products offer top-notch purity, gauge (thickness), and all of them are made using proven construction techniques.

    However, if you visit us here at oldecopper.net and check our products in person, you will get the best idea of what copper really is and how much this material can add to the aesthetic appeal of your home. The coloration of copper sinks, bathroom tubs, or various ornaments can give a sense of style and elegance to your residence. In the same time, copper kitchen sinks can be highly useful in the sense that they offer incredible anti-microbial protection. In other words, you and your family can be much safer when it comes to bacteria and germs, and this is jut one of many advantages that copper sinks have over traditional stainless steel or porcelain solutions. We at oldecopper.net also understand that customers have different needs and preferences and that almost all of them will need something unique and distinct. That is why our products are customizable and created to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding of customers, and we offer a wide selection of shapes and sizes when it comes to bathroom, kitchen or bar copper sinks, bathroom copper tubs, copper ornaments, and so on.